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Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 360
Tel: 15.5122.83
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Foto Espacio Quintana Fiesta SUPER POP!
sábado 24 noviembre - 23:55hs. Espacio Quintana
Sabado 24 de Noviembre Fiesta SUPERPOP en Espacio Quintana MESAS/RESERVAS: whatsapp: 1151228328 Espacio Quintana. Av Pres. Manuel Quintana 360 - Recoleta Mayores de 25 solamente. Consultas, Cumpleaños, Reservas y Lista Free. Ariel Bern 1151228328
Foto Domigo Fiesta Preferiada Lista Free
hasta lunes 20 agosto - 23:55hs. Espacio Quintana
Fiesta Pre Feriada, Domingo 19 de Agosto (Pre- Feriado) Fiesta en ESPACIO QUINTANA Cocktail 00hs : Sushi + Barra 2x1 Exclusivo +23 Anunciate en la Puerta como invitado de Ariel Bern hasta las 2am y pasas!!! Te espero Reservas y consultas:
Foto ARTE + LINDT + CHANDON + Fiesta en Espacio Quintana
viernes 13 abril - 23:30hs. Espacio Quintana
VIERNES 13 DE ABRIL - ESPACIO QUINTANA Av. Quintana 360 - Recoleta AMITIÉ, como su nombre en francés lo indica, apunta a ser un evento trendy en donde se brinde un servicio de excelencia para amigos y cercanos. El lugar elegido es Espacio Quintana ubicado en el corazón de Recoleta, Av....
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Anónimo - 20:08 Estadísticas del Evento domingo 8 septiembre  | Mensaje
Arvind - You don't know me, but thank you for sharing the pothos. Beautiful and inspiring to see an Indian couple in love sharing their life together with family and friends. You are the new normal. [url=]bczdvqnanak[/url] [link=]tovlqmzm[/link]
Anónimo - 07:54 Estadísticas del Evento jueves 5 septiembre  | Mensaje
Shayleah - I've been Stumbling weddings for over a year now (mine's <a href="">comnig&l
t;/a> up this summer), and I have to admit, this is absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have seen! The photos are adorable, the setting is amazing, and these two men are obviously in love!!!!
Anónimo - 07:03 Estadísticas del Evento miércoles 4 septiembre  | Mensaje
This is an arictle that makes you think "never thought of that!" [url=]eegiowlv[/url] [link=]ucqoltbm[/link]
Anónimo - 21:40 Estadísticas del Evento martes 3 septiembre  | Mensaje
every thing we do has some risk what women do not need is drs making them feel <a href="">guitly<
;/a> every time they dare to do anything SOME drs disagree with.we are not pods made to simply carry babies, we have rights and choices and most of all we are adults , i treat my ladies as such i make them aware that the odd small glass of wine is fine however mixed cocktails ect are best left till after the baby. it is our job to support ladies not judge them and quote scary misleading facts to them , by law yes we tell them the facts that we are aware of but not in a way that could cause them worry if they have already had the odd glass here or there or like myself got off my rocker before i new i was pregnant,as a dr i am shocked shocked that your would call women dumb for having the odd drink, i suppose you think any one that drinks coke or coffee is the same?? ladies medical opinions and facts are ever changing , we are every day learning new things and disregarding things thought to be true and now we no are well rubbish.its your baby your body and if your smart enough to get pregnant and have a chi i am sure you no your limits and what you feel is right for you.
Anónimo - 20:04 Estadísticas del Evento lunes 2 septiembre  | Mensaje
This has to be one of the most riduculous detaebs ever from a bunch of catty women. Fact: Alcohol consumption can severely damage a developing fetus with lasting effects throughout the child's entire life.Fact: Noone really knows how much alcohol it takes to cause damage to the baby.Fact: Not every baby exposed to alcohol in utero will present as severely disabled. There may be a spectrum of challenges that the baby may face.Fact: Researchers can not study what level is safe, though it most likely will vary by the individual, because it would be unethical to expose pregnant woman to something we KNOW has the potential to do harm. (They can only perform retrospective studies on children already exposed).Fact: If the mother doesn't drink, there is no potential for FAS.For all of you out there drinking while pregnant, it is obviously your choice, but there is always a risk, even if it is small. To act like that isn't true is ignorant. None of you know the threshold for FAS. And then to post on this board, justifying drinking a glass of wine here or there while pregnant. And worse, bashing on posters for saying drinking is not safe as a means of covering any guilt you may have felt about drinking. Can one seriously not forgo alcohol for 9 months? What a dumb thing to debate. (And because you are asking every other poster, my husband and I are both doctors.)
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